what is flat studio headphones and flat frequency response in case of OLLO Audio


15.04.2019 | Rok Gulič

When it comes to flatness of a frequency response in speakers or in headphones, the debate gets hot every time. 

In this short video our founder Rok Gulič explains the company statement "Flat out of the box" and philosophy he takes when he is developing acoustics in OLLO Audio headphones.

WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW WHEN GETTING YOUR MUSIC MASTERED? (Justin Coletti's podcast with Joe Lambert)

19.02.2019 | Rok Gulič

We really enjoyed latest podcast by SonicScoop on mastering, featuring Joe Lambert - veteran grammy-nominated mastering engineer. We sum it up for you to easily find the answers you need.

SoundCloud Cofounder Eric Wahlfross RESIGNING AS A CPO

25.01.2019 | Rok Gulič

SoundCloud has been a trusted choice for many musicians and produers in collaboration process and music sharing aswell.

Company restructuring efforts obviously stroke the higher ups as well. They downsized 40% of their employees and closed San Francisco and London offices.


09.01.2019 | Rok Gulič

The open back headphones are a better choice for mixing, while the closed back are primarly designed for tracking and recording sessions.

Open headphones are designed to sound more natural and closer to standard monitoring situations while the closed back are primarly designed to isolate external voice and leakage of sound from the headphone out into the environment.

The stereo image on headphones

Understanding soundstage

Let's keep this simple, so any engineer with any level of experience can understand this. Soundstage is simply the stereo image that your headphones have. It's about how wide or narrow the stereo image is. If you listen to a track on two pairs of headphones to compare its sound stage... 

Read the full article

Do you trust your ears?

You'll learn that mixing with watching knobs and meters is a dangerous thing!

Watch why!

Audio Engineer Pay in 2018

A great article by Justin Colletti at

How musch does an audio engineer earn per year? That's a tricky one but acording to SonicScoops article based on the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics we earn about 55k a year. And we got 77% increase in the last 15 yeers. 

Read the full article

Mixing on headphones with PLAY2ME?

Confused on how to connect and use PLAY2ME with your current setup? Explained by OLLO CoFounder Rok Gulič in this short tutorial video.

Watch a how to video

Headphones vs. Monitors

A great article by Wes Maebe and Nuno Fernandes in

It’s a debate as old as, well, headphones and monitors. Is one better than the other to mix or master with? Should both be used at different stages of the process to ensure that all bases are covered? Here, two audio professionals and friends of AMI, Wes Maebe and Nuno Fernandes weigh up the pros and cons of listening to sound professionally through cans on their heads or speaker boxes on their desks...

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How humans hear sub-bass?

When you are designing (or mixing) audio you have to keep in mind the final consumer. Who's going to listen to this song? In what environement, what device, what file etc.

This is even more important when you are mixin g bass heavy track or genre. Humans can hear from approx 20Hz up to 20kHz. The majority of usefull spectrum is somewhere along 40Hz to 12kHz. This is what early days of MP3 was based on. Just eliminiate sound on the edges of our hearing.

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Acoustic treatment on the budget

It's nice to have s classic studio to impress your friends. But is it a good choice to go with budget acoustics instead of headphones based monitoring?

Read the story and struggle of our cofounder Rok Gulič with acoustic treatment in the past 10 years.
"When I was starting out as an audio enginner about 15 years ago I didn't know much about acoustics. I understood echo, reverb, timbre of the room but didn't really understand how the room changes my perspective on any mix that I was working on..."

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Mixing on studio headphones

ASK.AUDIO - What you need to know when mixing on headphones

We found this great article by Joe Albano on and just had to post it on our website too. Mixing on headphones can be useful and even necessary in some situations. But it brings with it a unique set of conditions and considerations...

Read the full article

Flat frequency response

Why is "flat" so important in mixing and audio monitoring headphones

The idea behind flat frequency response in audio monitoring is quite simple. When you are designing audio effects, creating music or mixing your tracks you must have tools that help you achieve results that transfer well across all sound systems.

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The environment you mix for is important

Volume knob and Fletcher Munson curve as a tool for audio engineering

There are so many self-proclaimed audio engineers that can't explain how to use volume and an old theory from Fletcher and Munson that it's scary! But I believe we'll explain it here in simple words for anyone to understand it and use it in everyday work!

Read the full article

Subwoofer alternative

I can't afford to buy or to have a subwoofer

Sometimes you just don't have enough money to have all the gear you need to make a great audio mix. We know this first hand. If you are thinking about buying a pair of decent studio monitors you probably worry about the bass reproduction and all the ...

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Burn your new headphones

Our new headphones for mixing music must be burned in to sound great.

First, you need to understand that when you use headphones for mixing audio you have to get a good pair and you have to get used to their sound. This is important if you wish to make constant quality mixes. The burn-in process is a technical thing you should do to fix the sound of your headphones. Once you burn them in, they will sound the same for the rest of their lives. 

Read the full article

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