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BER QUINN (ambassador)

Sonic Studios in Stoneybatter, Dublin 7


It's rare you get a single piece of equipment that changes the way you work but the Play2Me has changed how I approach my mixing. The accuracy of the low end with the system was surprising to me, even compared to well designed control rooms. It gives so much insight into the interaction of the bass channels and the kick and it was a pivotal tool in helping me mix the upcoming Divine Comedy record. As well as being a tool, it makes listening to music for leisure a lot more fun, more visceral.
The headphones are detailed and precise and give a good sense of the air in recordings. 
I do a lot of touring and the Play2Me system has now become an integral part of working on tracks when I'm away from the studio. I love the design and the build and they're very comfortable to wear. 


Lisa Hannigan, John Grant

Ber Quinn is a sound engineer based in Dublin, Ireland. He began his career working in venues in his native Cork before moving to the capital to embark on a life of touring with acts such as John Grant, The Divine Comedy, Villagers and Lisa Hannigan. Other acts he's previously toured with include The Magic Numbers, Duke Special, Eliot Sumner, Wallis Bird and Givers. Through his collaboration with Stargaze Ensemble, he has worked with the likes of Nils Frahm, My Brightest Diamond and Alexi Murdoch. 


DJ LINUS (endorser in Munich)

Resident DJ @ Pacha Munich and Lecturer @


"I had several chart enties during the last couple of weeks. All tracks were mainly mixed with OLLO headphones. The sound is so pleasing and honest, that i can´t live without it any more! And the chart entries might be the best reference!"


DJ Linus started his career in the late eighties. His music style rangers from Classic House over Deep House to Tech House. He released his first record in 1991 and since then became one of Germanies leading house characters. Not only as a producer, also as a DJ he gained more than one time international respect and props. He produced more than 40 vinyl 12" for labels such as Get Physical, Initals, Gigolo, Exun, Compost and Brique Rouge as well as uncountable remixes. In the late 1990s Linus was single of the month in Englands legendary music magazine "Muzik" and was seen in nearly every important chart from Italy to England and the States. After leaving Compost Rec, Linus ran his own label exun 1999-2009. His single "Who stole the soul?" was his biggest success at that time! Outrages sales and heavily played all over the world. 

In 2013 Linus found his new label Sujet Musique featuring Deep and Tech House Music from around the globe and especially from the Munich posse.

His current productions for Simone Vitullo´s Go Deeva Rec. (Italy) made it into the top twenty charts of Beatport and Traxsource in 2015 and 2016. Supported by the likes of M.A.N.D.Y, Loco Dice, DJ Hell, Pete Tong, Steve Bug, Danny Tenaglia, Slam, Robert Owens, DJ T,  Karotte, Laurent Garnier, Super Flu, Timo Maas, Animal Trainer, Vanilla Ace, Kaiserdisco, Kolombo…..

Linus works also as an mastering engineer and as a teacher for producing and djing.

He is resident DJ at Pacha Munich since 2006 and takes care of the resident bookings in general.


Producer, Mixer



“Boris Markarian is an Argentinian producer and audio engineer currently living in Melbourne, Australia. He started studying audio production in Tecson in Argentina 12 years ago and after finalizing his specialization in mastering he moved to Brazil. There he worked in a wide variety of studios as free lancer, was professor of digital audio in CAM Academy and later in Studio Onzi for 4 years and was the in-house engineer if the studio. There he mixed and mastered EP’s and singles for some of the most famous musicians such as Rafael Malenotti (singer of Acusticos e Valvulados), Tweedy, and many others. Ate the same time, Boris was hired form Zeppelin Films to edit, mix and master the whole season of 5 TV shows broadcasted to all Latin America for one of the TV channels owned by Fox. After 5 intense years, Boris moved to Australia where he opened his own home studio, New World Audio Production in which he produce, mix and master pop and rock music. His most recent works are the mix and mastering of singles for Kevin Reeves, Jonah Smith and Michel Pok among many others.”


Music producer

Alyson Stoner | Ira Wolf | Connor Duermit | Kendall K. | 3xACAM Awards including Pop Composer of the Year

Esteban Calderón is a music producer and mixing engineer born in San José, Costa Rica. He started studying music at age 3, wrote his first song at age 15 and released his debut solo album called “Después del Uno” at age 21 for which he wrote all the music and lyrics. Esteban's first single “¿Y cómo hago ahora?” hit the top of the Costa Rican pop radio charts and catapulted him into the regional market by reaching top 10 in MTV Latin America. This led to his nomination as Costa Rican Artist of the Year by the international radio station “Los 40 Principales”. Esteban's debut album was also the most nominated album for the 2010 ACAM Awards (Costa Rican Grammy equivalent) with 6 nominations. Esteban and his team ended up taking home 3 ACAM Awards including Pop Composer of the Year. After polishing his music production skills at Berklee College of Music, he currently lives in Los Angeles where he works as a producer and mixing engineer under his new artist name: ESTICO. He also formed the band ESTICOandGRIFF alongside renowned singer and platinum songwriter Griffith Frank.

ANNE ALMA (endorser)

Dodi productions - recording, mixing and mastering

Hi there

I am Anne Alma and I live in the Netherlands.

40 years ago I started in the music buininess, being a DJ. After a few years, I learned myself to mix bands on slowly growing PA systems. At that time I used to build my own compressor limiters, because, well, buying wasn't an option then.
During the band performances I started recording, just for me to learn what I had to improve and for the band to hear what they had to change. My first computer was an Amiga 500, with that I learned the first digital audio steps.
Early 90's I did my first digital recordings in my own bedroom studio, most local artists.
For the live mixing I still am doing gigs on my own line array system for the larger events or on the smaller set for the smaller gigs, it all depends on the size of the venue. The smallest gig was for 50 people, the largest was around 8000 people.
And nowerdays I do multitrack recordings of the live performances if they request so, it can be for their practise or for an album.

In my registrated studio, I'm mixing quite a lot, not just from my own recordings, but mostly for clients from all over te world. They just send me the tracks and I mix and master them ready for release.

DANIEL VEZOJA (endorser)


Daniel Vezoja is a singer-songwriter from SE Europe. After his ex-band TrainStation broke up he fully devoted himself to his first love – songwriting. The first time he performed solo acoustic in public and in front of native speakers was at an open mic in Dublin. Feeling motivated by the positive feedback from the audiences he kept returning to Dublin to play and learn more. Following a series of lucky coincidences, he came across a renowned Dublin producer and singer-songwriter Gavin Glass with whom he recorded his debut solo album called Where the Light Resides (Buy here), released in December 2016. The album was well received by the critics and made it to several Slovenian best album of the year lists.



TST Studio

Guiness world record

My name is Tommy Hellsten

I am from Sweden but live in Thailand for the past 13 years. My music career began in the 70's when I was on Sweden's radio in Örebro and learn how to record and edit RTR tape. Then I recorded anything I found interesting, on music festivals, private recordings for bands and orchestras.

After moving to Thailand, I have built up a small studio for recording local bands. But I mix mostly for artists around the world.

I'm mixing in a big project that goes all over Earth, Littles You, an organization to help children. Right now we're making a Guinness Record in the most translated and recorded song in the world.

Here you can read about the project and listening to one of many language only one of many 

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