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United Kingdom

Radiohead | Muse | The Beatles Anthology project with Sir George Martin | Rod Stewart | Natalie Imbruglia | INXS | Spice Girls | Massive Attack | Venessa Mae | Full list

A former Abbey Road engineer, I have worked in the recording industry for nearly 30 years and have over 40 UK chart credits.
A specialist in live band recording and mixing, I also have a wealth of experience recording orchestras and feature film soundtracks. I have worked with some of the biggest names in the business, most notably Radiohead, Muse and The Beatles Anthologies with Sir George Martin. I started my career as assistant engineer at Utopia Studios, London, and later moved to the world-famous Abbey Road Studios, where I remained for 10 years, progressing to Senior Engineer.
I now work freelance mainly as a mixing engineer, and also as a composer of music for television and advertising.




United Kingdom

Bryan Adams | Jeff Lynne

After living in LA and working at the American Music Awards and the GRAMMYs, I moved to London in late 2011. Since then I have worked as a freelance engineer and producer with artists on both sides of the Atlantic and India, recording, mixing, remixing, programming, arranging, orchestrating... Wearing several hats and enjoying it!

From recording an orchestra and rock band on location for the Video Game Orchestra, based in Boston, to mixing a jazz album for the Tarun Balani Collective, based in New Delhi, the past few years have been full of new audio adventures. 

I have been fortunate enough to work with Bryan Adams, Jeff Lynne, Procol Harum, KT Tunstall, Pete Brown and Phil Ryan, Curved Air, London Grammar, Chiddy Bang. I have also mixed Zili Misik’s world music infused neo-soul, recorded the Eastern flavours of Jussi Reijonen’s jazz fusion and mixed the orchestral metal of Lights of Nightmares. There was a little bit of everything.

Trained at Berklee College of Music in Boston, I am always striving to hone my craft and improve, as well as branch out in different directions. Always looking forward to being challenged by new projects in a broad spectrum of musical styles.



The Voice China | MTV Catfish | HBO Vice | Discography

Gregory Tan (or Greg for short) is a music composer and arranger for Film, TV and other forms of multimedia.

His compositions fall somewhere between the larger than life orchestral works of Thomas Bergersen (Two Steps From Hell) and the uplifting spirit of Christoffer Franzen of Lights & Motion's melodious cinematic post-rock.

 At 6 years of age, Greg begged his parents for violin lessons and proceeded to complete the ABRSM syllabus. At 16, Greg picked up the guitar and has not put it down since. At 22, he obtained a Guitar Specialist Certificate from Berklee College of Music (Online) in the genres of Blues, Jazz and Rock while simulatenously completing a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Melbourne in Political Science and Sociology.

Greg professes to be a lifelong student of the beautiful mystery that is music. He has a deep interest in the fields of music technology and musicology and thus spends huge amounts of time researching on the impact modern technology has had on the creative developmental process in humans.

He loves God and his family very much.

He also confesses to drinking too much coffee and is a proud alumni of Anglo-Chinese School & Junior College.


United States of America

Good Charlotte | American Authors | Rob Thomas | Luxtides

Multi-Platinum award winning Engineer, recording and mixing for various artists, mainly in the Alternative and Pop genres.

Alongside my work in the music industry, I have worked on two independent films as a re-recording mixer, foley artist, score, and ADR recording engineer, as well as mixing for live television broadcast.


United States of America

Universal studios | Barklee colleage | Warner music | Walt Disney

Our work has spanned many genres over the years, allowing us to work with such great artists as Grammy nominated rock band Highly Suspect, jazz guitar virtuoso Larry Coryell, two time Grammy winning folk artist Sarah Jarosz, indie pop band Fences featuring the Grammy winning hip hop duo Macklemore and Ryan Lewis and classical violin virtuoso Joshua Bell, for projects on Walt Disney Pictures, Warner Music, Universal Music, NPR, and many more. This wide range of experience, enables us to work according to the specific musical needs of your project. Our team includes an extensive international network of large format recording studios, equipment rental, orchestral contractors, arrangers, composers and studio musicians, all with the goal of helping any project combine the right assets to realize its fullest potential.


Costa Rica


Alyson Stoner | Ira Wolf | Connor Duermit | Kendall K.3 | ACAM Awards including Pop Composer of the Year

Esteban Calderón is a music producer and mixing engineer born in San José, Costa Rica. He started studying music at age 3, wrote his first song at age 15 and released his debut solo album called “Después del Uno” at age 21 for which he wrote all the music and lyrics. Esteban's first single “¿Y cómo hago ahora?” hit the top of the Costa Rican pop radio charts and catapulted him into the regional market by reaching top 10 in MTV Latin America. This led to his nomination as Costa Rican Artist of the Year by the international radio station “Los 40 Principales”. Esteban's debut album was also the most nominated album for the 2010 ACAM Awards (Costa Rican Grammy equivalent) with 6 nominations. Esteban and his team ended up taking home 3 ACAM Awards including Pop Composer of the Year. After polishing his music production skills at Berklee College of Music, he currently lives in Los Angeles where he works as a producer and mixing engineer under his new artist name: ESTICO. He also formed the band ESTICOandGRIFF alongside renowned singer and platinum songwriter Griffith Frank.



Easy Shapes | Ripe & Ruin | Paul Jacobi | Wudu Dionysia | Ros Beh


Canary Islands

Sai Estupefacto | HI KILI |

Im a 21yro sound engineer from Canary Islands, I have my own record label called ''Mal de Altura Records'' ( wants to mean Altitude Sickness Records) and im earning money from music nowadays. Ive started to compose/produce & record music at 13 yro with my dudes and still nowadays they are working with me ,i love too much my job,it is amazing it feels like non-working in the ''typical way'' but sometimes, i must deal with some engineer's troubles like bad musicians, bad mixes... but i dont give a f***k cause im working in something that i like and for me it is like a heaven's present. hhaahahha so thats because im excited about being a Play2Me tester,cause im a professional and trhought my experience you will know if it works properly or not.  Have warm greetings from Canary Islands,its a pleasure for me to work with OLLO audio.!!



Holy Fire | Visions of songs | Distraught

New World is a professional recording studio located in Melbourne, Australia featuring the best of both vintage analog and modern digital tools. Music is our passion, and we focus on making a big sound in an intimate setting.


United States of America

Steve Vai | Mary J Blige | 2Cellos

Greg Wurth is a Grammy Nominated, Gold & Platinum award winning producer.  He has been Steve Vai‘s engineer for a decade with other credits ranging from Tony MacAlpine, Tracii Guns, and Mary J Blige.  As of 2015 Greg has launched two new ventures: “Inside The Studio With Greg Wurth”, a video channel created along with Lisamarie Costabile that offers fun and insightful learning videos as well as interviews with professionals in the industry. The other is “Greg Wurth Audio” which is a pro audio hardware company with the first offering being an all discrete 16 ch. summing mixer called “The Oracle”.

“I grew up in southern San Diego. My parents were big fans of music and introduced me to The Beatles and Led Zeppelin early on. I used to collect cassettes & CD’s in the early 90’s and eventually I became interested enough to play an instrument, so I bought a guitar. I took lessons for a few years and had some bands but I realized that it wasn’t a natural thing for me. I eventually figured out that I was meant to Produce and Engineer music.”


Positives:Headphones are comfortable, They sound good for the price range, they are a nice weight, they look really cool, the bass pillow gives a unique experience that I've never had in a headphone.

Negatives: The build quality is extremely poor on the headphones - they feel much too delicate to last very long without breaking, The headphones arrived damaged which speaks for the low build quality, The cable/ jack is poor quality. The way the cable plugs into the headphones is just asking to be damaged. The cable provided is way too short.

OLLO Comment on the negatives: The package was poorly secured for transport. Our fault. The plug on the headphones has been changed with the new batches based on Greg's advice. Also the cable is now 3m insted of 1.2m long. Thanks to Greg's honost opinion we can improve our products.  


Guiness world record

My name is Tommy Hellsten

I am from Sweden but live in Thailand for the past 13 years. My music career began in the 70's when I was on Sweden's radio in Örebro and learn how to record and edit RTR tape. Then I recorded anything I found interesting, on music festivals, private recordings for bands and orchestras.

After moving to Thailand, I have built up a small studio for recording local bands. But I mix mostly for artists around the world.

I'm mixing in a big project that goes all over Earth, Littles You, an organization to help children. Right now we're making a Guinness Record in the most translated and recorded song in the world.

Here you can read about the project and listening to one of many language


https://youtu.be/Z0xsAK5-9KM only one of many 




Hi there

I am Anne Alma and I live in the Netherlands.

40 years ago I started in the music buininess, being a DJ. After a few years, I learned myself to mix bands on slowly growing PA systems. At that time I used to build my own compressor limiters, because, well, buying wasn't an option then.
During the band performances I started recording, just for me to learn what I had to improve and for the band to hear what they had to change. My first computer was an Amiga 500, with that I learned the first digital audio steps.
Early 90's I did my first digital recordings in my own bedroom studio, most local artists.
For the live mixing I still am doing gigs on my own line array system for the larger events or on the smaller set for the smaller gigs, it all depends on the size of the venue. The smallest gig was for 50 people, the largest was around 8000 people.
And nowerdays I do multitrack recordings of the live performances if they request so, it can be for their practise or for an album.

In my registrated studio, I'm mixing quite a lot, not just from my own recordings, but mostly for clients from all over te world. They just send me the tracks and I mix and master them ready for release.




Lisa Hannigan

Ber Quinn is a sound engineer based in Dublin, Ireland. He began his career working in venues in his native Cork before moving to the capital to embark on a life of touring with acts such as John Grant, The Divine Comedy, Villagers and Lisa Hannigan. Other acts he's previously toured with include The Magic Numbers, Duke Special, Eliot Sumner, Wallis Bird and Givers. Through his collaboration with Stargaze Ensemble, he has worked with the likes of Nils Frahm, My Brightest Diamond and Alexi Murdoch. 

Equally appreciative of the scientific and the creative aspects of the job, Ber strives for clarity and power in his mixes, whilst maintaining the artist's vision of what they want their live production to be.

Ber splits his time evenly between touring and studio work. From his studio in Stoneybatter, he works on recordings that capture the honest excitement of live performances married with new production techniques.


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